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Gabe Rocks!

Tech Information

Big-brained hugo time

Published: Nov 25 2023

Fixing the PeerTube plugin on Grayjay

Adding remote video support to the Grayjay peertube Plugin
Published: Nov 02 2023

Some updates

Thoughts, Tips, and recent misadventures
Published: Sep 14 2023

Git submodules are cool!

modular repositories
Published: Jun 14 2023

Object storage

Difficulties in changing providers
Published: May 10 2023

Some updates

PeerTube tweaks and Kuma
Published: Mar 30 2023

Self-hosting with SSH tunnels

Optimizing your resources
Published: Mar 21 2023

Now available on Tor & I2P

Gabe.Rocks is now on TWO darknets
Published: Mar 17 2023

Pi-Server no more

Published: Mar 07 2023

Personal Homepages are really cool

Improve your skills and focus
Published: Jan 20 2023

Theme updates

Updating my hugo themes
Published: Nov 21 2022

Follow me on Misskey!

I've now setup my own single-user instance
Published: Nov 02 2022

pi-server upgrade

Booting a pi from an SSD
Published: Oct 07 2022

Hugo Themes

Steal my look!
Published: Sep 17 2022

Now available on Tor

Gabe.Rocks is now available on the dark web
Published: Sep 11 2022

Stable diffusion: first look

Looks kinda neat!
Published: Sep 04 2022

Running Pi Arch Linux

Published: Aug 17 2022

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace

Leave big tech behind forever. Reclaim your power to reshape cyberspace. Learn technological literacy without compromise.
Published: Jun 16 2022