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This is where I document updates to this site or things I’ve learned while experimenting or self-hosting.

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Static+, can it work?

Jun 28 2024

Musing out loud

We Don't Love RSS Enough

Apr 30 2024


HTML Redirects & CSS grids.

Apr 16 2024

Cool tricks for static sites.

What's up with webtorrent?

Feb 27 2024

Big-brained hugo time

Nov 25 2023

Fixing the PeerTube plugin on Grayjay

Nov 02 2023

Adding remote video support to the Grayjay peertube Plugin

Some updates

Sep 14 2023

Thoughts, Tips, and recent misadventures

Git submodules are cool!

Jun 14 2023

modular repositories

Object storage

May 10 2023

Difficulties in changing providers

Some updates

Mar 30 2023

PeerTube tweaks and Kuma

Self-hosting with SSH tunnels

Mar 21 2023

Optimizing your resources

Now available on Tor & I2P

Mar 17 2023

Gabe.Rocks is now on TWO darknets

Pi-Server no more

Mar 07 2023

Personal Homepages are really cool

Jan 20 2023

Improve your skills and focus

Theme updates

Nov 21 2022

Updating my hugo themes

Follow me on Misskey!

Nov 02 2022

I've now setup my own single-user instance

pi-server upgrade

Oct 07 2022

Booting a pi from an SSD

Hugo Themes

Sep 17 2022

Steal my look!

Now available on Tor

Sep 11 2022

Gabe.Rocks is now available on the dark web

Stable diffusion: first look

Sep 04 2022

Looks kinda neat!

Running Pi Arch Linux

Aug 17 2022

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace

Jun 16 2022

Leave big tech behind forever. Reclaim your power to reshape cyberspace. Learn technological literacy without compromise.

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