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Gabe Rocks!

Goodbye Pi-Server, it was a good run.

I’ve moved many of my self-hosted services away from the pi-server to a proper deskstop. The primary motivation was to get more CPU for PeerTube hosted at

I’ve also setup Forgejo at

Thanks to a helpful tip from RetroEdgeTech:

The programmer can now access the machine behind the firewall by connecting to a different machine on the internet at a specific port that forwards ssh to the machine behind the firewall. This command has to be run from the internal network, or in this case the machine we want to grant access to from the outside.

ssh -R sysadmin@machine-on-internet

The part that took me so long to figure out was the “” before the first colon. This binds port 43023 (or whatever port you choose) to all ipv4 interfaces on that machine, including external ones, not just the internal loopback (localhost) device.

Despite some overhead, this is more-or-less what I’m working towards. At least until I can afford my own rack-space


Update theme documentation

Now that both of my themes are in better shape, I’m hoping to devote some time soon to refreshing the documentation.

Darknet upgrade

Thanks to this post by moneromaxi I’ve decided that I want to make more of my own projects available over Tor & I2P. Both of my websites currently have Tor hidden services, but at least I’d like to throw my code forge behind both as well. Once fully deployed I’ll be in a good spot to make some major updates to interverse

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