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Modular repositories

I’ve harmonized the shortcodes for my valor and freedom themes.
This meant that I’d prefer to have them both reference the same ones and keep in sync with each other.
I found out that I could use submodules to modularize the projects. Now instead of trying to manage the hugo shortcodes in both locations I have a single shortcodes repository that both (and upcoming) themes will reference.

After I completed that, I decided that for many who don’t want to spend time configuring a complicated hugo setup, I could create quickstart repositories that would allow people to start making changes right away. These are still somewhat of a work-in-progress but I’ll be overhauling the documentation for them soon as well.

Theme Quickstarts

The themes for this site and are available on my code forge.

The goal for these themes were to always be “batteries-included” type themes. I have a variety of shortcodes that I think are useful and intuitive that can make a great starting-point for a media-rich site.

Thanks to some new repositories I’ve setup, you can now get started even quicker. With very little knowledge of templates or you can just clone quickstart-freedom or quickstart-valor to have a blank site using both themes.

Getting started

  1. Download/install hugo

  2. Chose from one of the above quickstart repositories and use:

    git clone --recursive
    git clone --recursive
    to get the project files.

  3. Now you can change the basic parameters in hugo.toml to change the site title.

  4. Then you can build out your content by editing markdown files in the content folder.

Once the documentation is complete, I may demonstrate this in a video.

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