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Freedom Convoy 2022

I have seen Canadians of all walks of life set aside class, ethnicity, province, and everything else to stand against abusive covid-19 policy.

When things look bleak, remember that all over this great country there are hardworking people willing to make real sacrifices for freedom, prosperity, and the hope of a better future. I know that together there are no limits to what we can acheive.

I am forever inspired by those who have spoken up against institutional corruption and championed fundamental rights in these dark times.

Now more than ever we need strong courageous people willing to work towards building a future worth inheriting. The challenges in repairing Canadian culture and institutions are incredible. I believe that together there are enough people willing and able to face these challenges.

The road ahead

One of the largest challenges is the presence of information hazards. Caused by censorship, information hazards can cause an incredible amount of damage to systems and institutions people rely on.
This damage is rarely (if ever) metered out fairly. Harms from information hazards very often hit the most vulnerable the hardest. In fact many profit greatly from increasing the severety of the information hazard, unknowingly bringing great harm upon others.

To solve this, we require the complete dismantling (and outlawing) of information control systems. We live in an age where centralized information control is abused by those in power. This power corrupts absolutely and must be abolished.

There are many ways to accomplish this, one which I am focused on is advocating for one's Right to be Offline, so that people may not be forced to use digital systems designed to entrap them.

A challenging and uncertain future

We live in interesting times, major systemic changes are already beginning. Ignorance is not bliss it only leaves you and your loved ones more vulnerable. Even if our leaders were the best of the best, instead of being openly hostile to the public...success would still be far from certain.

Our only hope is people actively choosing to cooperate to rebuild together, and defend each other's individual rights.Changing the culture is a necessary part of enacting real change.
Do not fall for savior-figures, any lasting progress requires focus, hard work, and significant investment. Trust is the most valuable commodity during times like these. Ensure that you are trustworthy, dependable and connected to those you can trust.

Unfortunately you can bet on increasing austerity, rising inflation and major disruptions of goods and services. Becoming more self-reliant is an important step, but supporting others is even more critical. Nobody on their own is up-to-the-task. The massive array of tools the system is using against people mean that numbers are a huge factor.

There is immense oppourtunity in recognizing that we are at a crossroads. Two economies are emerging:
🤝 The human economy
Where people are valued and engaged in building a better world.
😈 The "beast system"
Where people are controled like livestock for as long as they are no longer seen as "essential"