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Stable diffusion is an AI tool for generating images from text prompts or other images.

How to get started:

I found this video helpful the basic process is:

  1. Install pytorch (docker images are available)
  2. Download the pre-trained model
  3. Run the scripts

Playing around

Why not start with some Transformers eh?

I was a bit shocked how quick it was to genereate these and how decent they look. I really like the one on the left.

How about dragons?

This didn’t suprise me much, I included artstation in the prompt to get some more detail.


These are okay, I love the helmets but I can tell the prompt I gave could have been improved.

How about something cute and fluffy?

I was hoping for a bunch of baby bunnnies…which I got…but oh my! What’s wrong with them?!

More transformers! On the death star!

All-and-all I think these are downright fantastic!

How about something hard! A star wars fight!

A bit confused but not bad!

How about reaaallly fancy sandcastles?

I really like how these turned out!

LEGO on Mars?


Here are some of the ones I liked specifically or found interesting.


Be specific! There’s a great deal the model doesn’t seem to understand. It understands cute though

Some details will be wrong A lot of specifics will slip through the cracks.

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