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Expanding into I2P

Onion: 3ah6l32ons2mzb65rchl3uz7nrgkecfof4eey7dwmamt5fcvok4h2yad.onion

I2P: gabe.i2p

Is one darknet really enough?

I’ve already maintained a presence on the Tor network for a couple of months now. Sadly I noticed that my relative links on this blog were broken! Essentially worked great, but any relative link would take you back to and redirect back to Tor (probably not a best practice). I’ve finally fixed this. sorry!

Coming across this blog post by moneromaxi showed me that it shouldn’t be that much extra work to get on I2P.

Maintaining multiple sites

I use hugo to generate this site. Hugo has a handy option that lets you change the base url. I’ve setup a webhook with my forgejo instance that when I update a private repository, it automatically calls my for the site.
Which means my basic script works like this:

rsync public/ vps:/var/www/
#Regenerate for onion
hugo -b 'mysite.onion'
rsync public/ /var/tor/
#Regenerate for I2P
hugo -b 'mysite.i2p'
rsync public/ /var/i2p/

Future Steps

Ideally, I’d like to migrate all my public services (forgejo/peertube) behind Tor & I2P.

Note: I need to make some updates before my themes are available at again.

learn more

(RTP) Privacy and Tech Tips has a great tour for I2P.

After getting started, I realized that landchad also has an I2P guide.

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