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No longer using the pi-server

Upgrading my pi-server’s boot drive

I don’t trust microSD cards. They’re tiny, and so very flimsy.
It’s hard to believe you can throw 1TB of data on these tiny things now.
I craved the certainty of an old reliable sata ssd with a usb-type c enclosure.

The pi-server serving you this site no longer uses a microsd card at all!

The raspberry Pi imager makes it very easy to change your Pi’s boot order.
Simply select usb boot, and flash it to a small microsd card.

When you boot up with the sdcard wait for the green light to start flashing rapidly, that means it’s done.
You can now remove the microsd and boot your usb drive.

To migrate my existing installation I simply made new partitions on the SSD and copied the files.
Additionally you’ll want to make sure your /etc/fstab/ points to your new /boot/ partition

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