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Apocalypse Scenario #253

Dec 07 2022

Maybe "You will own nothing, and live in the pod" wasn't a great sales pitch

Don't turn on the flock!

Nov 25 2022

Avoid the temptation of turning on your fellow human beings.

Rant - RE: Mass Effect’s colonisation narrative

Nov 14 2022

My other half writes about Mass Effect

Third CultureWar.Radio appearance

Oct 30 2022

A chat about culture war, decentralization


Sep 18 2022

Countering the propaganda

Another chat with CultureWar.Radio

Sep 12 2022

A chat about censorship, cloudflare, online manipulation

Appearance on CultureWar.Radio

Aug 21 2022

A chat about healthcare, politics, and technological freedom

Hot takes on mastodon

Aug 17 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022

Canadians at their best.

Transformers as an allegory for the culture war