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Apocalypse Scenario #253

Matt Stoller writes:

I hear from right-wing small business owners that employees are just not showing up, and I also hear from left-wing professors that students are just not showing up. This dynamic got much worse during Covid. Something is very off.

Church attendance is down, crime is up, labor force participation is down, life spans are down, drug overdoses are up. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s not good.


There really is an agreement all over the political spectrum that things are in fact quite dire.
There is a near universal belief in the replies that the root of the problem is a sick culture.

Here are particular axes people grind:

I found the following quote tweets illuminating:

I don’t know the way forward from this. In the face of these concerns optimism reeks of denial. If you’re struggling to stay motivated I wish that you find ways to work to help those around you. If this as bad as some are predicting, we are all going to need a lot of help.

I pray that that through the holy spirit, people find fulfilling, meaningful and honest means to move forward in their own lives.

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