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Remembering Satine 🐰

Satine was my first rabbit. An adorable white dwarf bunny. She was playful, curious and affectionate. She was a rescue, first plopped on my chest in 2016.

It was a joy getting to know Satine, especially for the first little while when it was just me and her.

Rabbits are lovely pets, they’re smart and very expressive.

Every “binky” was a nice heart flutter when caught.

Her other half, Obi-Wan

Obi-wan was her brown lop-ear companion. There was an adorable incident where Obi had to go to the vet, and Satine lunged in when they went to grab him. She was definitely willing to fight for him when it counted!

I will say he was the more photogenic of the two. I’m not sure if it was simply his fur texture, or if he just was better at sitting still!

It was always really nice to see them playing together. They will both always have a special place in my heart.

This bowl was made at the mud oven. My other half did an incredible job painting the two of them in a water dish we had glazed for them.

Why the names?

Satine is named after Satine Kryze from the Star Wars: Clone Wars show. Her companion Obi-wan Kenobi, needs no introduction. I named them so that Obi-wan and Satine could have the life together they missed in the show. I am very happy that they, (the rabbits) actually were deeply in love. It’s a tragic tale for sure, and certainly has a deeper meaning for me now. If you’ll forgive me, feel free to sit through this sad AMV I’ve made of the two of them.

Reminder: Animals go to heaven.

While I have no theological authority to declare this, I wholeheartedly believe it. Heaven is when you are fully in the presence of God, you not only experience God’s infinite love for you and humanity, but all acts of love through all of time and space. In heaven, you are with all of it:

In all of life’s infinite wonder, love is never lost. Anything that is alive, is one with God.

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