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Keeping it simple

I’m going to be doing a major re-work of the valor theme. While I did successfully create what approximated an individual ‘social media’ like design, I’m not very happy with how it’s turned out overall. So the plan is to rebuild it simpler, and eventually update the repository. The goal is to maintain the same multimedia-friendliness but without the confusing layout. In the meantime, I hope this simple layout suffices. If you’re shopping around for a hugo theme I’m fairly happy with where freedom is at, but I need to document my new shortcodes as well as the theme features better.


While my good friend at is starting #100DaysToOffload, I have a slightly different new years resolution. I am starting to use Obsidian to write my own personal journal. While I have many goals for 2023, if nothing else finding ways to reduce stress is one of the most important at this time. I’m hoping to offload fears into my personal journal, as well as to collect my own personal knowledge to either bring to this blog or to Libre Solutions Network. I’ve successfully maintained two weeks of consistent journaling, and I’m already feeling a bit of relief. For any fellow ‘over-thinkers’ out there, I would highly recommend taking up the practice.


If you haven’t already, feel free to browse my curated bookmarks file. Eventially, I’d like to publish a set of bookmarks by topic, and streamline how I export them. If nothing else it gives me a reason to continuously seek out interesting or useful resources. That file isn’t what I would consider comprehensive, but eventually I hope to get around to sharing more. For all the hype brave gets, being able to import search bookmarks with firefox/librewolf feels awesome. I love being able to cut out most search engines by using various sites’ own search function from the address bar.

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